End the Violence of Silence (Part 2)

Stanley Zir

Penned November 7 2016 one day before the election 20 moths and counting nothing about Iran.


Our Constitution The Liberty Bell and The Land of Israel not for Sale


So Far It's Mostly Speculation Afis the Wait and See Jews

List of events after the “Jewish Rapid Response” group’s Times Square rally failed to prevent the Iranian deal from going forward:

One month after failing to stop Obama’s veto, the “Jewish Rapid Response Team”, sponsored another feckless rally in front of the UN with Rabbis giving speech after speech announcing that they will form an international coalition that will effect a change in the Iranian deal. More useless talk offering no plans, no goals and more importantly, no proclamation calling for the destruction of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure or a demand that we must protect America from embracing a foreign policy that promotes a holocaust.

There was no mention of “never again”, just a statement of piety bravado claiming the moral high ground as they declared the Iran deal is immoral and what was needed was a new deal. (As if there is any morality in dealing with fascists!) Once again, as they have done over the past eight years, the Pro-Zionist organizations failed to make the destruction of Iran’s nuclear capabilities their top priority and failing exactly those people they are supposed to protect. Where are they now? Still quiet as a mouse.

Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) president Mark Langfan’s incredulously waited another eight months after the UN rally and the double-crossing deal with Iran was made. To comment on events Mark Langfan’s response was quite revealing. He abandoned the “never-again” platform and stated that it would be up to Trump (when he becomes President) to accomplish what AFSI and the other Jewish groups failed to do in the past eight years.

In his Op-Ed in Israeli National News, Langfan said: “ ...only Trump, has the guts to erase Obama, and the vestiges of Obama's traitorous Iran-first policies, like Obama never existed. America will elect Trump because they want to erase Obama, and all of his domestic and national security policies..” So belief is that Donald Trump will take care of the whole Iran business as soon as he takes office in 2017, therefore the Pro-Zionist organizations don’t have do anything else. And that is exactly what he, his followers and all the Jews did.Nothing.

No one hears from Langfan until he has another Op-Ed published five months later touting Trump’s nomination victory which Langfan had correctly predicted, again, reconfirming to the Jewish leaders that there was nothing left to do because Trump will take care of it all when he takes office! Mr. Langfan forgets that there is an actual election that has to take place and Mr. Trump may not be the winner, then what? Whats more forbidding is Trumps  policy on stopping Iran in time if it was totally while he concentrated on Isis as the major threat

A total of 14 months of silence was wasted while Iran is using its newly established status as a legitimate moderate state to enter into prosperous business dealings in the international market, specifically the EU. Langfan would have gamble away another 6 months without any action, any demands, and any protests waiting for the next administration. What kind of leadership is this?

It is unacceptable! Where is the outrage in the Jewish community? We must demand that our Pro-Zionist leaders return to the “never-again” battlefield instead of aiding Iran by running out the clock. Instead of being Protectors of Israel, they have become Holocaust enablers, permitting Iran to build up their nuclear capable missile delivery systems, bargaining with world powers disguised as legitimate businessmen and never having to renounce their hatred for Jews, Israel and the rest of the free world.

However, not everyone was content sitting back and waiting for the next administration. Ironically, only one week later, Langfan’s own Vice President, Helen Freedman wrote “The Terrible Iran Deal: What do YOU plan to do about it America?” claiming that America was deceived by the Obama administration. In a carefully crafted message she manages to exonerate herself from abandoning the ‘never-again” battlefield by saying that she tried her best, even having been arrested at a rally. She writes, “Well, Senators, now you know the infuriating-and for you, humiliating - truth. What do you plan to do about it? We would go further and ask the American public, ‘What do you plan to do about it?” Well, Helen, I have a question for you.

After wasting precious time twiddling your thumbs with the rest of AFSI leadership after the deal was made, and piddling around for 8 years prior to that, without having made Iran your top priority (Even with Netanyahu begging to do so) I ask you Helen, “What are you planning on doing about this?” How is it possible that you were surprised to find out we were being deceived? As a leader of the Jewish people, how is it that you and the rest of AFSI didn’t understand the consequences of a deal made between America and a terrorist nation sworn to the annihilation of Jews, Israel and other free nations?

If the educated and savvy Jews on the right, like you, knew all of these things, then why did AfSI, state that it would never honor a deal that supports an American foreign policy that essentially supports a holocaust. Even now that the deal has been made, AFSI still refuses to speak out and state “We will never honor this deal!” The truth is that AFSI fought single-mindedly for only five months, while during the other eight years, the leaders of AFSI, other Pro-Zionist organizations, the Jewish Federations and all the Congregational and Outspoken Rabbis, never made Iran their top priority. Their silence only contributed to this disastrous position in which we find ourselves.

Take responsibility. Your slogan When it Counts Afsi is there? It is time to stop this bunk. You have been missing in action for over a year and half

Four months later Mr Lafkin inexplicably changes his original position  that Trump is a sure bet to Stop Iran to saying he hopes Trump will understand Iran possess the greatest threat he states:
"There cannot be a cessation of terror and violence in the Middle East and beyond until it is shut down at its source i.e Iran.Since Obama seemingly refuses to acknowledge this reality we will have to wait until the November elections in the U.S.and hopes the new president has the clarity and drive to take whatever action is required to end the madness
As recent as November 18, the Afsi staff stated "The U.S government is still in formation Thus theses next few months call for patience and quiet optimist not blabbering out loud like we won Our advice stay cool at least for now."
Now Afsi and Mark Lafkin was willing to gamble away another five months of precious time having us wait for what? renewed sanctions,a new deal, or hope for what. from a new administration. Furthermore if Iran is the greatest threat we face Mr Lafkin not Isiss Why was stopping Iran never your top priority, and why is President Elect Trump not addressing the Iran deal in first hundred days of his new administration.
With the international community’s willingness to normalize relations with the radical Iranian theocracy,Iran is now on the verge of establishing a secured fail safe nuclear terrorist state
I mentioned in April of this year http://www.scrapthedeal.com/urgent/index.php/candidates Our nation and the entire free world sits idly by while this ticking time bomb is about to detonate. The fact is that our immediate focus must be on stopping Iran from becoming a legitimate nuclear terrorist enterprise. We cannot wait until the next President is sworn into office next January. By then, Iran will already have established themselves as a legitimate and acceptable trading partner in the world. In other words, the deal Obama secured for Iran will have enabled it to transform into a legitimate and universally recognized state.
While  Donald Trump conceded  “The way it’s going; Iran will have a nuclear weapon. And it’s very close. And, as soon as that happens, it’s a new ballgame.”
Mr. Trump even more devastating than the consequences we will face with Iran acquiring nuclear devises is the fatal effect this deal will have on the status of our nation. In the short term there will be  a major shift in the balance of power How can any of our allies or any nation ever trust America again? Once we have relinquished our primary role as defender of the free world, how will any tyranny ever fear us? Global tyranny will be the new guardian
And as I predicted this is now coming to pass Russia President Valdamar Putin says an agreement has be reached on a countrywide ceasefire for Syria with Russia and Turkey a member of NATO, America was left out of the negotiation 
Now Putin's tries to  double down Minister Benyamin Netanyahu on Saturday  evening by telephone with Russian President Putin The two discussed development in the regions Russia has also expressed an interest in mediating Israel Palestinian Authority peace talks Most Recently Russian Deputy Foreign Minster Mikhasi Bodandy said his county is waiting for Israel and Palestinian on holding direct meeting between Palestinian Authority Charmian Machmud Abbas America was not  invited
Condolizza Rice at her best, attacking Israel’s sovereignty. Let's keep this blast from for past, in the past. 
Yet  Mr Trump and Putin agreed to share a common view in an attempt to ease tension between the US and Russian They want to unit their efforts against the common enemy and then fight international terrorism and extremism 
Afsi like the rest of our Jewish and christian pro Zionist conservative  organization chose to ignore the fact that President Elect Trump failed to criticize  Russia his newest partner for world peace Russia  despite the fact Russia voted to condemn Israel in the Untied Nations and stills supports the Iranian Hamas terrorists collation who actively launches terrorists attacks against Israel and declare war on America This is Putins proxy war against Israel and America It this the new tramp  peace at all cost a toelrece for tyranny
Lafkin The President Elect.promised to cooperate with any country that is interested in destruction Iss Will President Elct Trump join Putin's Trains United nations coalition to achieve this goal sounds something out of the played book to keep
Donald Trump promised a new era of peace vowing that the U,S will is to stop trying overthrow world governments and will cooperate with countries fighting to overcome terrorism Our goal is stability not chaos because we wanna rebuild our country
FinallyPresident Elect  claims he can re negotiate the treasonous deal  with a terrorist state can only be described as a psychotic break with reality Believing something to be true which is totally inconstant with external circumstances we must not be drawn in to the vortex of this madness
It is  only through the commitment against tyranny and enforcement that our country thrives with capitalism and free markets: As one of the most successful businessmen in our country you know the importance of a good business plan The constitution is the preeminent business plan for free nation To heal our nation we must unite based on our rule of law not religious race or anything else 

We cannot wait another 100 days before a new foreign policy can be implemented. Unless we face this fact we will pay the price that must be paid for those who wait to long.
Once Iran is transformed into a legitimate terrorist nuclear state, the world as we know it will change forever. Never Again needs to be resurrected for never again is Afs
No  never again Jew should give their support to theses sel- p
roclaiamed pro Zionist groups They claim they on the forefront to secure a safe Israel but instead abandoned the Never- Again battlefield after this double-crossing deal was made giving victory to Islam and Iran over America and our Constitution and Placing Israel directly in the cross hairs of a nuclear Holocaust
As Jews and an American citizen our allegiance is first to protect and defend the Constitutions of the Untied States whose stance against tryanny and fantasia is its rule of law This means we have a constitution obligation never to honor a deal normal negations with terrorists who championing tyranny as their rule of laWhy the Pro -Zionest leadership did not understand that defending our Constitution stance against fascism and hatred  are the marching orders issued to every Jew  in America and Thus supporting the Constitution is the key to protection Jew in America and securing a safe Isra F Futhermore by ecoming an outright obasturrction to any movement that would call out for the destruction of Iran,s Nuclear holocaust terrorist war machine Not sicne that deal was made has there been evern apeep fourm anyone of them that they will never honor this double-crissubg deal. Not one word Instaed of standing up and contiunint eh fight dealcing they will never honor this deal They jsut waved the whtie flag of sureend to Iran Now they are stiing ildy by as Iran moves ever closer to securein them selves as a legaitmate stat Futher by beocming an outright obastruction to any movemtn that call out for the decturion of Irna Nuclera Holocaust war machinenot sicne the deal was made has there been a peep from anyone that they will never honor this doucleing crossing deal Not one word Instaed of staning uyp and contituiong the fight they just wave the whtie flage of suured to Irhna Now they are siggitn Iley by as Iran moves ever closer to securing a litem staten


Furthermore, by becoming an outright obstruction to any movement that would call out for the destruction of Iran’s Nuclear holocaust war Not since that deal was made has there been even a peep from anyone of them that they will never honor this double-crossing deal. Not one word.  Instead of standing up and continuing the fight, they just waved the white flag of surrender to Iran. They are left sitting idly by as Iran moves ever closer to securing their


Afsi you failed to stop this deal because failed to wield the constitution as thier sward  to protect the Israel and the free world 

In the end by not standing up and declaring you would not honor this deal you became compliant no less than  abetting a nation that declared holy war against the west champions a nuclear Holocaust against Israel and put a target on his own troops to seal the deal  Obama deal was not a deal it was  declaration of war on our Constitution and instead of saying you will never honor this deal you Blaming the Jewish Liberals while your sin of resignation and deliberate sabotage of those who would continue through your act off desertion  is far worse




The people who follow you believed in their hearts that you were doing the right thing and following your passion Unfortunately they wanted so badly to believe that their you are well informed and well intentioned that they follow blindly Many of theses leaders tripping over their own egos depend on there allegiance 

In the final analysis the conservatives right wing Jewish and Christians groups we rely to fight for a safe Israel turned out to be nothing less than toothless barking dogs lapping up crumbs being put in front of them by their masters in each administration it was Jews for Bush Jew for Palin plain Jews for Beck and now Jews for Trump and the results are

President Elect  claims he can re negotiate the treasonous deal  with a terrorist state can only be described as a psychotic break with reality Believing something to be true which is totally inconstant with external circumstances we must not be drawn in to the vortex of this madness
It is  only through the commitment against tyranny and enforcement that our country thrives with capitalism and free markets: As one of the most successful businessmen in our country you know the importance of a good business plan The constitution is the preeminent business plan for free nation To heal our nation we must unite based on our rule of law not religious race or anything else 
Pro Zionest leaders , it is time for you to place your ego on the hat rack, face up to your role and obligation as an instrument of change and demand  Join with us as we continue the fight against those who do not hold the Constitution as their beacon nor respect those who fight to protect it.

Stanley Zir (ScrapTheDeal.com)
Ombab never led from behind he lead the fight to destroyer America we cannot repeal a nuclear -armed Iran once it created Can we to the Hague the Untied Nations There is only one Court of Last RESORT America








Stanley Zir (ScrapTheDeal.com)
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