Restoring America’s Honor and Reclaiming Her Just Purpose and Noble Cause

By giving back billions of dollars that have already been earmarked to target US military around the world, President Obama has placed our military installations and our troops directly in the cross-hairs of Iran’s terrorist enterprise.

How can any citizen sit complacently and watch this act of betrayal to our military by those we have entrusted to safeguard our freedoms? Are we supposed to watch 239 years of hard won freedoms be dishonored?

This travesty has put our military in the untenable position to serve at the pleasure of a President who has betrayed our Constitution and issued a bounty on our troops.

While our President has broad authorities, delegated by the Constitution as the Commander in Chief; an even higher authority exists. “We the People” have the ultimate authority with an even broader reach to contain a betraying and treasonous President when a weak Congress fails in its duty to protect the Constitution and the American people.

Remember "We The People" hold the purse strings. It is our hard-earned tax dollars that pay the salaries of those we entrust to run our government. Why would we consent to fund our government when it aids and abets those who vow to destroy us and our freedoms?

Stopping the Iranian Nuclear Threat and removing the ultimate mass destructive weapon known to man from getting into the hands of a heinous, tyrannical nation that openly threatens to destroy America, is neither a Democratic nor a Republican issue; rather it's a Constitutional mandate.

Our government must abide by our Constitution whose stance against tyranny is its rule law. Therefore, upholding the Constitution and its firm stance against tyranny or any government or enterprise, foreign or domestic that seeks to destroy us, our values, our democracy, or our "western ways" is a non-debatable issue.

Our founding fathers fought the tyranny of the Absolute Monarchy;

Our grandfathers fought the tyranny of Fascism;

Our fathers fought the tyranny of Communism;

Now we are forced to fight a new tyranny coming from Iran, backed by Russian and China, religious fanatics in union with secular barbarians.

Our politicians have lost sight of the fact that Iran is still the greatest threat to the free world, not Isis. Isis will need to be defeated but Iran will still be building up its nuclear arsenal and that threat will be a million times more detrimental. American, and the free world can survive any major threats from all the Islamo-Fascist factions, including Isis, except one; we cannot survive a nuclear- armed Iran once it is created.

A global nuclear Jihad is the ultimate threat to our survival, and there is no doubt that Iran is constructing this ultimate killing machine. It will also be their most potent instrument of extortion to obtain their goal and will shift the balance of power in the Middle East and around the world.

Once America takes the lead and neutralizes Iran, a domino effect will ensue. A neutralized Iran means a crippled Assad regime, including all the terrorist organizations supported by Iran. It would mean a highly diminished Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad and a minimized Russian influence in the region, because Iran’s influence will be severed. Most importantly, it will send a universal signal to all enemies of the free world, that the United States is back and they are living on borrowed time.

Let us go back to our foundation with a renewed vision; a clear statement of our nation’s just and noble cause. Our Founders had no tolerance for those who embrace tyranny because it is diametrically opposed to the rights and freedoms that make us exceptional among the nations We are the defenders of liberty, not negotiating partners with tyrants and fascists to secure world peace.

It has been said as we approach the selection of another Commander-In-Chief in an era of growing global instability, there does not exist a unifying consensus to clarify our foreign policy.Yet the guideline for a strong and resolute foreign policy has always been right under our noses. George Washington declared, “The Constitution is the guideline I will never abandon.”

While our domestic policy is designed to keep us free from the forces of tyranny from within, our foreign policy alerts the nations of the world who we are and what we stand for as we protect our freedoms from those who promote oppression around the globe.

Therefore our foreign policy must reflect America’s protocol, which is defined by our Constitution’s stance against tyranny, its rule of law. This resolute rule not only secures our freedoms, but defines America’s quest: to eternally protect against all who would release tyranny’s deadly venom into the hearts of humankind.

Who dare turn their backs on our nation’s sacred endeavor? Who dare cede victory to those who would destroy us and deny us our freedoms? Who will be left to keep the lamp of liberty lit from those who are determined to bring darkness into the world? Do we really want to trust The United Nations, an entity that honors secular and religious tyrannies as viable partners for world peace?

I end by asking President Obama: “What deal were you fighting for?” One where we are forever freed from world conflict though our submission to tyrannical dictates or one where we are forever freed from the chains of tyranny by confronting it at its source.

America exists to triumph over tyranny, not pay tribute to it. This is America’s just purpose and noble cause. Period!