Statement of Grievances and Demands for Redress



A Petition By The People of the United States of America to Restore America’s Honor and Reclaim Her Just Purpose and Noble Cause

We the people of the United States, in exercising our natural and Constitutional rights to petition for grievances, do hereby present this statement of grievances and demands for redress thereof:

§ Our President and Congress betrayed the People, violated their trust to ensure that they would perform satisfactorily and legally to the position to which they had been elected to serve.

§ President Obama violated his oath, to provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity, ordained and established by our Constitution

§Congress betrayed their oath to faithfully fulfill the provisions of the Constitution to execute just treaties, laws and contracts delegated to them.

Pursuant thereto we state our grievances

Whereas: President Obama has willingly entered The United States of America into an agreement with a known fanatical terrorist state, that according to its own constitution is not bound to honor any agreement with any government that does not recognize Allah as the Supreme law of the land

In 2002, President Obama stated "... the best way to keep America safe is not to threaten terrorists with nuclear weapons. It is to keep nuclear weapons and materials away from terrorists." Allowing Iran to build and maintain nuclear plants is diametrically opposed to his 2002 declarations

Obama's present position is a violation of his own Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act, which was enacted in 2012 ... "to strengthen Iran sanctions laws for the purpose of compelling Iran to abandon its pursuit of nuclear weapons and other threatening activities." The easing or lifting of sanctions through this present Iranian deal, while Iran continues to pursue threatening activities, is in direst opposition to the purpose of the 2012 Act as Iran still remains on the State Departments list of State Sponsored Terrorist nations.

Furthermore, according to Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs, Victoria Nuland, who said in 2013 "We don't negotiate with terrorist, the United States had no business supporting any kind of deal with Iran.

Whereas: President Obama willingly agreed to the return $150 billion of frozen assets to a terrorist state.

President Obama was undoubtedly aware that he was negotiating with an internationally recognized terrorist state and that these returned funds would be used by Iran to support International terrorism. As early as 2013, Susan Rice, his own cabinet member and UN ambassador, substantiated this allegation during a CNN interview with Wolf Blitzer.

In fact, Iran’s own Constitution states that the Supreme Leader controls the religious army whose responsibility is to guard the frontiers of Iran and its religious mission is to wage a holy war, Jihad, and spread the supremacy of God’s law in the world.

Thus, by giving back billions of dollars that have already been earmarked by Iran to target US military around the world, President Obama has desecrated the graves of every soldier who sacrificed his or her life defending the Constitution and has disrespected every veteran who bravely served the honor of this country and secured the freedoms for her citizens.

Whereas: President Obama violated his oath of office to provide for the common defense of our nation.

President Obama, the Commander and Chief of the most powerful military force in the world, misled the public when he said that Iran, a sworn enemy of America, would obtain a nuclear bomb within “a matter of months” if America walked away from the negotiating table. Instead of using his strength of military might, he declared there was nothing we can do to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb if we ended negations. Thus he gave victory to Iran and radical Islam over America and our Constitution.

Whereas: President Obama willfully undermined our Constitution’s Rule of Law.

President Obama minimized the impact of an Iranian agreement on our national security at home and abroad, and mislabeled it as a deal so as to deliberately bypass the Congressional ratification process, which is Congress’ obligation to execute just treaties, laws and contracts, thereby circumventing the unique system of checks and balances built into our Constitution that prevents the Executive Branch from governing with absolute power.

In essence, to accomplish the passing of his Iranian deal and having gauged the Congressional resistance to it, President Obama acquiesced to the demands of the Ayatollah, hijacking the Constitution, placing the deal under the jurisdiction of the United Nations, thereby enabling the return of $150 billion of confiscated funding, with no spending limitations or prohibitions, with full knowledge that the money can and will be used to commit additional acts of terror around the world, specifically targeting our own military troops and citizens. By failing to defend and uphold the tenets of the Constitution, President Obama is guilty of abdicating this government, failing to protect our sovereignty, and declaring war against his own troops.

Whereas: Congress failed to uphold their obligation to faithfully fulfill the provisions of the Constitution to execute just treaties, laws and contracts.

Congress succumbed to the tyrannical dictates of the Executive branch when it approved the Iranian deal at the expense of national and international security. Congress became complicit in using our troops as the sacrificial lambs to secure a deal that would result in confiscated funds to purchase weaponry targeting American troops and advancing terrorism around the world.

Amongst the many violations listed in our grievances, President Obama’s violation of US CODE Title 18, Crimes and Criminal Procedures 2339B providing material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations alone renders the Iranian deal null and void.

Now, therefore, we demand:

1. That all statutes, regulations, and orders of the Iranian deal which are in violation of our Constitution be immediately repealed

2. The United States must stop funding the United Nations until such time that they agree to cease the return of all remaining frozen assets to Iran as authorized by the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action under the jurisdiction of the United Nations Security Council for the security of our soldiers around the world.

3. All negotiations with Iran must cease. There is no deal with a terrorist state that can produce a guaranteed peaceful outcome, other than one with a complete capitulation through the threat of military force.

4. President Obama be held accountable for his failure to uphold his oath to protect the Constitution, the sovereignty of our nation, and our troops and therefore be removed from office and tried for criminal activity under US Code Title 18, Crimes and Criminal Procedures 2339B.

5. That our Federal Officials be held to their elected oath, responsible for upholding the Constitution as the premier and consistent document and rule of law. By passing the Iranian Deal, Congress violated their oath to protect the Constitution. Therefore Congress must open every session with a review of their oath of office.

That until such time as our demands are met:

We, the funders of our government who have been betrayed by those we elected to uphold the Nation’s sacred endeavor to protect and guard our freedoms;

We, the inheritors of America’s liberties guaranteed under our Constitution and Bill of Rights, will follow in the footsteps of our Founding Fathers;

We, the Chief Financial Officers of our Government’s dollars;

We, the People of the United States, refuse to have our hard-earned dollars support a government that is complicit with a nation that engages in acts of terrorism around the world and vows to deny us and our freedoms. “We the People” have no alternative but to march into D.C., shutting down the Capital with peaceful acts of civil disobedience, and or withholding our tax dollars (by increasing your deductions to prevent your money from flowing into the government until April 2017) until our demands are met.

The Signatories

When it comes to the defense of the Constitution from those who have betrayed our most sacred covenant of freedom, all Americans must stand together.

The business of the president is to support and defend the Constitution, at all costs. President Obama’s deal with Iran is in direct conflict with our Constitution in that we are not only negotiating with Iran, an international state sponsor of terrorism that consistently promotes its hatred of our freedoms. Additionally, by relinquishing our responsibility as leader of the free world and placing it in the hands of the United Nations, a body that honors secular and religious tyrannies as viable peace partners, we are essentially aiding and abetting Iran’s quest to obtain a nuclear bomb. Of all the offenses, the one we find most objectionable, is that the President bartered away the lives of our military personnel in order to close the deal.

As citizens and the rightful heirs to the Constitution, we, the undersigned, have the power and right to ensure that our nation remains an eternal sanctuary, free from the reign of fear, terror and oppression that the governance's of tyranny bring.

Congress failed to uphold its oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic” by authorizing this deal.

In such circumstances, we the signatories have one mission only; that is to unite as an unstoppable force to protect the Citizens of the United States and defend our Constitution by ensuring the above demands are met and the deal is declared null and void.

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